Policy Library

Header.pngIn Contra Costa County, over 80 government agencies, clinics, schools, and nonprofits serving young children have passed healthy policies. Check out the policies below, and then create your own!

These policies belong to our mini-grant recipients and Contra Costa partners. We are very proud of their work!

Healthy Food and Beverage

  • Healthy & Active Before 5 models healthy practices by having our own Healthy Food & Beverage Policy.  We serve a variety of whole grains and fresh produce at meetings and events where food is offered to attendees. We minimize sugars and fats, and we never serve sugar-sweetened beverages! Our policy is presented to caterers and we ask them to follow the MyPlate recommended standards.

Breast Feeding Support

Movement and Play

Tap Water Promotion

Reducing Marketing of Unhealthy Foods & Beverages to Children Policy

Healthy Living

Healthy and Active’s Before 5’s Sample Policies

  1. Healthy Beverage Policy: No sugar sweetened beverages or 100% fruit juice served to children at your agency’s events, activities, celebrations. (pdf) (doc)
  2. Healthy Food and Beverage Policy: Healthy foods and beverages would be served at all organization’s meetings, events and fundraisers. This means serving fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and whole grains to clients (both children & adults) and to your staff. Collaborators, contractors and grantees would also be encouraged or required to follow your new Healthy Food and Beverage Policy. (pdf)(doc)
  3. Breastfeeding Accommodation Policy: Our California law insists that breastfeeding mothers who return to work are provided with break time and a clean private space to breastfeed or pump milk. We want agencies to expand upon this in ways that create a supportive environment for breastfeeding women in their workplace. Starting with information and outreach to employees before they start their maternity leave. (pdf)(doc)
  4. Movement and Play Policy: Promote an organizational environment that supports movement and active play. Adopt policies that support families and clients with children to be active at your agency and support employees who want to be more physically active. (pdf)(doc)
  5. Tap Water Promotion Policy: Providing tap water to young children can promote health and help prevent early childhood obesity.  Go a step further than providing healthy beverages, by having a policy that supports serving tap water only. (doc) (pdf)
  6. Reducing Marketing of Unhealthy Foods & Beverages to Children Policy: Children are influenced by food marketing that makes unhealthy food popular. You can reduce consumption of unhealthy food by adopting organizational practices that reduces marketing to children at your agency. (doc) (pdf)