Our Approach

After a decade of working collaboratively to address childhood obesity, Healthy & Active Before 5’s Executive Committee formally expanded its mission to encompass a broader health equity approach in 2017. The statements below are the result of of a comprehensive strategic planning process which included reflecting on achievements, reviewing input from Leadership Council members and other partners, and identifying priorities that are in line with Executive Committee agencies’ shared goals.

We look forward to building on our successes and embracing new challenges in the years ahead!


Healthy & Active Before 5 is a Contra Costa County collaborative that advances health equity through local policy and environmental changes to support the health and well-being of children ages 0-5 and their families.


We envision a Contra Costa where all children are free to play, learn, and grow in strong, healthy, equitable communities.


We approach our work through a lens of social justice and health equity. We are committed to addressing the social determinants of health. We work with our partners to advance innovative and evidence-based strategies in the following areas:

Expand opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity

  • Make healthy choices the default choices in community settings with our Pledge the Practice, Pass the Policy initiative
  • Promote breastfeeding, healthy foods & beverages, and active play by sharing resources and best practices with our Leadership Council
  • Expand access to safe, high-quality parks and outdoor play in low-income communities

Create environments that support health and safety where children live, learn and play

  • Leverage cross-sector partnerships to implement meaningful, culturally relevant, and sustainable changes in communities
  • Expand the safety and availability of active living opportunities in low-income communities
  • Influence Leadership Council to create environmental changes that promote health

Advocate for policies that support young children and families in Contra Costa

  • Represent the early childhood community in broader policy efforts that impact families, including health and health care, early childhood education, housing, and land use
  • Build capacity among Leadership Council to engage in advocacy and maximize collective impact
  • Promote a Policy Agenda that incorporates expertise from Leadership Council and responds to current and emerging community needs