Healthy & Active Before 5  Action Plan

We developed an Action Plan with 8 principles which emphasize the importance of making changes within our county to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  Learn more by visiting our Mission page.

Pledge the Practice, Pass the Policy

Healthy & Active Before 5 wants each of our community partners to become a role model for healthy eating and good nutrition. You can help by adopting at least one (& up to 4) policies aimed at reducing childhood obesity. Learn more by visiting our Pledge the Practice, Pass the Policy page. Download our 6 model policies!

  • HAB45 Tip sheets – suggestions and information on serving healthy food and beverages and preparing a space for breastfeeding at your agency! HAB45_handouts_final(1).pdf

Download our mini-grant application:   HAB45 Mini-grant Application

First 5 Contra Costa/HAB45 Social Marketing Campaign

Healthy and Active Before 5 and First 5 Contra Costa have launched  a hard-hitting campaign urging parents to protect their toddlers and preschoolers from sugary drinks, and to serve water instead.  Visit our website for more information.

Plan to Play

We believe that outdoor play is the best way to incorporate physical activity in your child’s day.


Unhealthy Marketing

Exposure to unhealthy marketing in television and other materials can lead to unhealthy habits. Read more by visiting our blog post “Too much TV is unhealthy for kids”.