Housing for Contra Costa Families – Spring 2018 Leadership Council Convening

Our Spring 2018 Leadership Council Convening was a huge success! Based on input from our members and other partners, we decided to focus on the current housing crisis and its impact on families. At our last convening, one of the groups created this beautiful prototype of what a community that supported health and affordable housing would look like. This was our inspiration for the event.


We spent the morning reflecting on the importance of housing security for Contra Costa families, and assessing our capacity to take action. We heard engaging and informative presentations from Will Dominie of BARHII and Mariana Moore of Ensuring Opportunity. Our panel of representatives from Contra Costa Interfaith Housing, La Clínica, and Raise the Roof Concord provided many examples of how Leadership Council members can support families by incorporating housing support into their work and advocating for policies to stabilize housing for current tenants and increase affordable housing in Contra Costa (Materials from the presentations can be accessed using the links below).

Table 1

After the presentations, attendees worked in groups to create a roadmap for action with ideas for how to get involved in the short, medium, and longer term to support families and add our voices to ongoing housing advocacy. We look forward to continuing this work with our amazing partners! The next Leadership Council event will be held in the fall. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the invitation list.

Roadmap Raz

BARHII HAB45 May 2018

Ensuring Opportunity HAB45 May 2018

EO Housing Snapshot

EO Town Hall Findings

Interfaith Housing HAB45 May 2018

La Clinica HAB45 May 2018