California Soda Warning Label Bill Thwarted Again in Senate

California, New York, and Baltimore are all attempting to pass legislation that will require sugar-sweetened beverages to display a label that warns consumers about the risks of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay that added sugars cause. Unfortunately, on January 12th California senate failed to pass SB-203 , which would have required all drinks with 75 Continue reading

Introducing two NEW sample healthy policies

Today we’re proud to introduce two new sample policies: Tap Water Promotion and Reducing Marketing of Unhealthy Food & Beverages to Children. Here at Healthy & Active Before 5 (HAB45), we care a lot about early childhood health. We want to do our part to prevent children from developing serious health conditions later in life Continue reading

Monument Crisis Center is first to “Pass the Policy”

Monument Crisis Center staff shown with a new water cooler, funded by a HAB45 mini grant! When Healthy and Active Before 5 announced our policy agenda to promote  environmental change within local organizations, Monument Crisis Center was the first of our Leadership Council members to jump aboard. Monument Crisis Center is a community organization that Continue reading