Here’s a list of helpful organizations that are doing great work in promoting physical activity.

Local Success Stories

Contra Costa has their own examples of organizations that promote active living. Check out our Success Stories blog post to  watch 3 min videos of organizations like Weigh of Life that encourage young kids to play.

Download our Play Brochure (pdf, 10MB) to read about each organization and get some handy tips to develop your own activity plan!

Need a handy check-list to make sure you have everything you need in your play plan? Download our Plan 2 Play Checklist (pdf, 365 KB) here.


UC Center for Weight and Health, assists community groups with evaluation of programs that promote healthy eating and active living. Their publications page includes papers evaluating physical activity programs and research within child care centers.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Research
supports research with goals towards improving the environment of low-income, minority communities in order to reduce childhood obesity. Most of the work has been for school age and above, however some research is useful in planning the type of work that can be done for younger children.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
has a comprehensive physical activity page that includes research data and recommendations for professionals interested in promoting activity. Including a State Based Physical Activity Program Directory!

California Department of Public Health has a program dedicated to reducing obesity in California. One of their strategies includes increasing physical activity.


National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity provides free legal technical assistance to community workers interested in reducing childhood obesity. In regards to physical activity, a complete policy tool kit on Joint Use Agreements.

Prevention Institute, a national organization dedicated to the practice of primary prevention has focused improving healthy food and activity environments. Strategic Alliance’s Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool includes an 8-step Child Care Strategy plan.

Action Alliance for Children, advocates for those who work with children, has information for families, advocates and  child care providers. They have written numerous articles  about physical activity for children.


Let’s Move! is First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to promote healthy eating and active living and to reduce childhood obesity within a generation. Their Get Active page has suggestions for the family, schools and communities on how to be more physically active.

Ohio University Masters Athletic Administration has many great resources with ideas for fun fitness activities for kids.

National Association of Sports and Physical Education, a professional membership organization that sets the standard for physical activity. Information tailored for parents, teachers, students, policymakers and professionals.

First 5 Contra Costa provides health education and programs for children aged 0-5.  Join a Regional Group dedicated towards reducing childhood obesity in your community.