How to Apply

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in Healthy & Active Before 5’s Pledge the Practice, Pass the Policy mini-grant program. The steps below describe the application process.

Step One: Determine Your Eligibility

Healthy & Active Before 5 provides mini-grants to organizations that lie within the boundaries of the Contra Costa County region. To be considered for a mini-grant, the organization must also serve children ages 0-5. Our Policy Library lists all organizations that have passed HAB45 healthy policies so far.

To qualify your agency must pass one or more of our HAB45 policies: 1) Healthy Beverages for Children; 2) Breastfeeding Accommodation; 3) Healthy Food and Beverage; 4) Movement and Play; 5) Reducing Unhealthy Marketing to Children; or 6) Tap Water Promotion.

Only one mini-grant prize will be awarded per policy, while supplies last. Agencies that have previously been awarded a mini-grant are encouraged to re-apply if they update an old policy or adopt a new policy.

Please note: Organizations are strongly encouraged to contact HAB45 staff for technical assistance prior to submitting the application.

Step Two: Submit Your Application

Organizations interested in applying for a mini-grant must download and complete a HAB45 2017 Mini grant Application. Attach the application and your organization’s new, approved healthy policy in an email to

Step Three: Application Review

Healthy & Active Before 5 staff will review each mini-grant submission. Applicants will be notified once the review is complete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.