Reducing Unhealthy Marketing

We support the elimination of  exposure to marketing of foods of low nutritional value to children. We also encourage the reduction of TV and other screen time for children 0-5. Exposure to unhealthy marketing in television and other materials can lead to unhealthy habits. Companies that market soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and other high-calorie Continue reading

California Soda Warning Label Bill Thwarted Again in Senate

California, New York, and Baltimore are all attempting to pass legislation that will require sugar-sweetened beverages to display a label that warns consumers about the risks of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay that added sugars cause. Unfortunately, on January 12th California senate failed to pass SB-203 , which would have required all drinks with 75 Continue reading

How is Berkeley’s Soda Tax Working So Far?

A review of “Higher Retail Prices of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages 3 Months After Implementation of an Excise Tax in Berkeley, California” One year ago, Berkeley became the first city in the US to pass an excise tax on sugary beverages. This 1-cent per ounce tax went into effect March 2015, and there has been some debate Continue reading

Rethink Juice Drinks

According to the FDA a “juice drink” is any beverage with some (but less than 100%) fruit juice that is diluted with other ingredients like added sugars. Juice drinks, soda, flavored milk, and sports drinks can destroy teeth, and lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. All of these drinks contain added sugar, and most Continue reading