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In 2007, Families CAN, First 5 Contra Costa, the Contra Costa Child Care CouncilKaiser Permanente, and Contra Costa County Health Services joined together to form HAB45.—a collaborative with an explicit focus on preventing and reducing obesity among children under age five. In the first major act as a collaborative, these partners embarked on an extensive strategic planning effort with consultation from Prevention Institute. From its inception, HAB45 has embedded meaningful processes and platforms for engaging residents and agencies in all collaborative efforts. The planning process included community forums, which were offered in Spanish and English and attended by 130 parent residents, as well as focus groups attended by 85 key staff from local child-serving organizations.

In 2008, after analyzing the input solicited at these community forums and focus groups, incorporating research and best-practices, and extensive consultation with Prevention Institute, the collaborative released the HAB45 Action Plan to Reduce Childhood Obesity in Contra Costa County. To this day, the Action Plan serves as HAB45’s strategic blueprint and common agenda to prevent obesity among young children. In 2009 HAB45 hired its first backbone staff and established a fiscal agent agreement with the Contra Costa Child Care Council. In the subsequent years, HAB45 has substantially grown its capacity and institutionalized its processes for strengthening networks, fostering collaborative coordination, building trust, and advancing early childhood obesity treatment and prevention efforts across the county.


HAB45 is a grant-funded project steered by our Executive Committee and our Leadership Council. The HAB45 Executive Committee provides core oversight of the collaborative’s strategic direction, implementation, and evaluation. The Executive Committee consists of representatives from:

HAB45 is a collaborative, not a nonprofit. We are headquartered at the Contra Costa Child Care Council, which is our fiscal agent.

HAB45 is currently funded by:

We are deeply grateful for our funders, past and present, whose support and generosity has allowed us to carry out our vision and goals.