Meet Our Partners – Diana Camacho

Diana Camacho 2We want you to get to know the people who make HAB45 the powerful collaboration that it is. In this series, we’ll be speaking with members of our Executive Committee and other partners who bring unique perspectives on early childhood health to our table. Today we’re speaking with Diana Camacho, Program Director at John Muir Health Community Health Improvement.


What does your organization do and what is your role there?

I’m the Program Director for Community Health Improvement at John Muir Health. John Muir Health is a health system based out of Contra Costa County. My role is providing community benefit through programs and partnerships that address the health needs of our most vulnerable members of our community.

How did you get into your current field?

As an undergraduate, I worked for Planned Parenthood and developed a passion for public health and social justice. I continued to pursue public health after college and volunteered with AmeriCorps in North Carolina at an HIV/AIDS prevention program. After that I worked for an AIDS service organization in San Francisco. My time working for these organizations compelled me to continue on in this field and earn a Master’s in Public Health. It’s great that today many colleges offer public health as a major; when I was in school it wasn’t a well-known term. I was working in public health before I even knew what it meant!

What is one thing you would like to see changed or improved for children in Contra Costa County?

I’d like to see the children of Contra Costa have better access to prevention and support services. Oftentimes we overlook the opportunity to address health issues before they arise, especially in children. Similarly, I’d like to see more environments that make healthy living easy for children, so we don’t have to address the consequences of poor health later on in their lives.

What do you like about being a part of Healthy & Active Before 5?

HAB45 is such a passionate and inspired collaborative, and it’s made up of people who really care about childhood health. Everyone is dedicated to improving the health of our community, and they do so with knowledge and tenacity. The collaborative is working towards exactly what I just said I’d like to see happen in Contra Costa and its doing so by working with the community to address its needs.