What We’re Reading – 1/13/2016

photo credits: flcikr/mo1229

photo credits: flickr/mo1229

Quality of Public Open Spaces and Recreational Walking

In a paper published by the American Journal of Public Health, researchers claim that building one high-quality local park may be more effective in promoting recreational walking than providing many average-quality parks. We think that an even better option would be providing many high quality local parks! To learn about the highest rated parks in Contra Costa County, check out our bilingual maps marking the best play spaces for young children.

Steph Curry Back Brita – Not Coke or Pepsi

You’ve probably heard of Stephen Curry: 2015 NBA MVP, perhaps the best shooter in NBA history, and public endorser of…tap water! Curry has signed an endorsement deal not with Coke, not with Pepsi, but Brita. Starting in January he will appear in TV ads, PR, and social media campaigns to endorse Brita water filters and the benefits of tap water in general. Why is this a big deal? According to a review in Pediatrics, 93% of beverages endorsed by top athletes get 100% of their calories from added sugar. HAB45’s tap water promotion policy aims to promote health, prevent childhood obesity, and support a healthy planet, and now we’ve got Curry on our side.

Candy Games Stimulate Appetite

A recent behavioral science study found that games that promote or embed food advertisements increase children’s appetites for the candy or food being promoted. In short, the advertisement works. But only 6% of the children surveyed are aware that such games are actually advertisements, even when brand names and logos are visible. Marketing unhealthy foods to consumers too young to recognize an ad is a shameful practice, and parents and caretakers are the only defense children have against companies who exploit their naiveté. Check out our Reducing Marketing of Unhealthy Foods & Beverages to Children Policy to learn more.

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