Q&A on our new Reducing Marketing to Kids policy

Last week we featured our new Tap Water Promotion policy. 

Today we’ve got another quick Q&A, this time on our new Reducing Marketing of Unhealthy Food & Beverages to Children policy:

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Why reduce childhood exposure to unhealthy food and beverage marketing?

We developed the Reducing Marketing of Unhealthy Food & Beverages to Children sample policy because we believe children have a right to a healthy childhood, free from marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages. We know that marketing influences what kids eat and that most food and beverage products advertised to children are unhealthy. Organizations can ensure all children have a healthy start in life by adopting practices and policies that reduce marketing to children.

How can I get started with reducing childhood exposure to unhealthy food and beverage marketing?

The Reducing Marketing Policy includes a “Marketing Audit”—a handy tool for assessing the presence of unhealthy food and beverage advertisements at your organization. A great first step is to ask yourself the questions posed in the Audit. Questions like:

  • “Do we have vending machines or sell food at our organization? Do we offer primarily healthy or unhealthy products? Do the logos on the vending machines or promote food or beverage brand names associated with unhealthy products?”
  • “During the last year, has our organization promoted or participated in offering coupons, contests, giveaways, or sponsorships for unhealthy food and beverage products or companies?”
  • “Do our public spaces have televisions or active toys and games?”

Your answers to these and other questions can help you to begin to identify areas where you can focus your efforts.

Want to learn more? Check out our new sample policies here.

The HAB45 Executive Committee developed and endorsed these new policies through the support of our funders, with the help of HAB45 staff and input from our Leadership Council members. 

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