We want more lactation spaces in Contra Costa County.

We know that new mothers often intend to breastfeed, yet only 60% of mothers in California leave the hospital breastfeeding exclusively [1]. The percentage decreases dramatically just a couple months after the baby arrives home.    intlbreastfeedingsymbol

Why? Often it’s due to complications and/or the need for more training on good breastfeeding techniques.  The lack of clean and safe spaces to pump or breastfeed while at work and in public also plays a role.

Healthy & Active Before 5 is actively working to increase the number of spaces for new moms to pump and  breastfeed in Contra Costa County.

Thanks in part to generous funding from the Kaiser Permanente Monument HEAL Initiative, we have worked with several Contra Costa agencies to adopt breastfeeding policies and provide accomodation for new mothers.

  • First 5 Contra Costa was one of our first partners to put together a breastfeeding room at their office. Check out First 5’s Breastfeeding space on their blog -> “First 5’s New Nursing Room
  • Monument Crisis Center policy maintains a commitment towards having a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Community Violence Solutions  supports and enables employees and clients to breastfeed during work hours in compliance with California Law (Labor Code 1030-1033).
  • Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association (PCFMA) will have a space in their office for new moms in Concord. PCFMA is also exploring the idea of having a tent at local farmers markets.
  • Contra Costa WIC has a breastfeeding space for employees and clients. Their policy applies throughout the county. WIC also has a traveling tent where moms can breastfeed at local health fairs and events!

Thanks in part to HAB45 mini-grant funds, Contra Costa WIC will have lactation spaces at 3 sites- Richmond, Concord and the Pittsburg Health Center.

Lactation Room at Solomon Temple Baptist Church

Lactation Room at Solomon Temple Baptist Church

  • Solomon Temple Baptist Church in Pittsburg recently decorated a new room for moms to breastfeed. Plus, during World Breastfeeding Week, Solomon TBC hosted a Contra Costa Baby Shower to educate new mothers about breastfeeding. Read more in the Contra Costa Times –> “Pittsburg Baby Shower Geared towards African American Mothers to Be

Healthy & Active Before 5 will be working with more agencies throughout the county to provide space for employees and clients to breastfeed and pump.

Lactation Room signage at Solomon Temple Baptist Church

Lactation Room signage at Solomon Temple Baptist Church

Preventing childhood obesity starts with baby’s first food… Breastmilk.  If you are interested in doing what you can to help families provide their children with a healthy start consider adopting a breastfeeding  policy at your work place!

Download a sample breastfeeding policy here -> “HAB45 Sample Breastfeeding Policy

If you would like more information or assistance with developing your own healthy policy, contact Tonya D. Love  healthyandactiveb45@gmail.com

[i]Breastfeeding Rates Largely Depend on Hospital Where Mother Gives Birth” Contra Costa Times, July 8 2013

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