Don’t be afraid to play outside!

We believe that outdoor play is the best way to incorporate physical activity in your child’s day.

Contra Costa Health Plan has put together a brochure with helpful tips and resources that takes the worry out of outdoor play.

  • Too cold? Bring a jacket and a hat! Children don’t get sick from playing outside in the cold.
  • Bring jump ropes, frisbee, chalk or beach balls to cut down on costs and invite others to join in.
  • Set limits on  tv time and increase the amount of outdoor time to play and be active as a family

Download the Plan to Play Brochure  –English ( pdf 829 KB)   Spanish ( pdf 829 KB)

Print out our Pittsburg Play Map

Healthy and Active Before 5, and the East County Regional Group put together a  flyer that lists our favorite play locations in the city of Pittsburg..

  • Highlands Ranch : Plenty of green fields for your child try out different sports.

    Highlands Ranch Park in Pittsburg

  • Stoneman  3 different play structures to prevent boredom and
  • Take the bus to the new Mariner Park..a great, clean neighborhood!

TIP: Get in some heart pumping activity by playing ‘race cars’ or ‘chase the bubbles’ before allowing ‘free play’ on the slides.

Download  Let’s Go To The Park – Pittsburg” Flyer (English and Spanish 1.13 MB)

**Read more about the East County Regional Group’s test drive of Pittsburg Parks: What’s the Best Park in Pittsburg? | Take 5 – First 5 Contra Costa Blog

Have fun!!

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