Parents Groups take action with the help of First 5 Contra Costa

One of the founding agencies involved in the creation of Healthy and Active Before 5, First 5 Contra Costa’s mission is to help young children grow up healthy, nurtured, and ready for school. With revenue from Proposition 10, a 50 cent tax on cigarettes, First 5 Contra Costa provides local health and education programs geared toward children aged 0-5.

First 5’s Regional Parent Education Group is one such program that teaches participants valuable skills in community leadership and advocacy. As part of the program, First 5 staff train parent volunteers in project management, leadership, community engagement and public speaking.¬† Currently, 150 Contra Costa parents are involved in the program, many of them low-income residents and half of them speak Spanish as their primary language.

Recognizing the negative health impact of childhood obesity and the need for more opportunities for young children to engage in play, Regional Parent Groups started a special project partnering with local parks and recreational facilities to provide low cost physical activity classes such as dance, aerobics and soccer.

Check out a video of a First 5 soccer class in Richmond, CA:

Thanks First 5 Contra Costa for your work in helping our children to grow up healthy and happy!

To learn more about¬†Regional Parent Groups read an article featured in First 5 Contra Costa’s online newsletter here.

Download Regional Parent Group brochures to get more information on meetings in your area:

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