Why focus on beverages and play in child care?

In 2010, a new California law (AB 2084) passed that will improve the beverage offerings for children in child care.  Effective January, 2012 child care programs will be offering the same healthy beverages offered in schools: only 1 percent or nonfat milk to children 2 years or older, only one serving of juice per day, water throughout the day and no beverages with added sweeteners.

A statewide assessment of California licensed child care centers in 2009 reported that sites participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) generally served more healthful foods and beverages than non‐CACFP sites and generally had better physical activity environments.  Many sites  inappropriately served whole milk to children over 2 years and did not offer water.  Only 53% of sites reported providing more than 60 minutes per day of total physical activity.

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