You could get a $500 mini grant.

We know policy change within an organization can sometimes be difficult. Small things often get in the way of big change. We’d like to help.

Healthy & Active Before 5 (HAB45) is offering $500 mini-grants to the next 10 2 Leadership Council agencies to approve at least one new healthy policy. First-come, first-served.

It’s the easiest grant application you’ll ever write. Fill out our 1 page application. And, provide us with a copy of your new “official & approved” policy.

Your grant award may be used to promote any of our 3 sample policies …or another project, which furthers the goals of the HAB45 Action Plan. (We hope you can use these policies for inspiration.)

How will you spend your $500? Maybe you could use…

  • matching water pitchers for meetings
  • privacy lock for a new lactation space
  • healthy snack “tastings” …which healthy foods are your agency’s favorites?
  • big 5 gallon water coolers for your outdoor events
  • food prep tools (apple slicers, knives and cutting boards)
  • indoor play props for children age 0-5

***** NOTE: No more mini-grants available! All 10 mini-grants have been awarded! Check out our Policy Library to find out who are our lucky winners. 🙂 ************

One thought on “You could get a $500 mini grant.

  1. I think that is a great idea. So much of being healthy is growing up with the healthy habits. Eating right, exercising and being healthy is a group effort for our kids. It is up to us to set the example. And doing these habits at school, at work, and just in everyday life will set the lead for our kids to follow. I appreciate this post of what is to be gained not only for us but also for our kids by practicing healthy habits.

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