Policy Tools from the HEAL Cities Campaign

The HEAL Cities Campaign has launched its new website. It includes a tasty menu of local policy options.

The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign provides training and technical assistance to help city officials adopt policies that improve their communities’ physical activity and retail food environments. Policies that will improve the health of all residents—young children and their families.

Get Moving: A guide for assessing city readiness for adopting HEAL City Campaign policies and steps for moving forward (pdf 226k; 2pp). This publication is a cross between a factsheet and a checklist…. and it’s a great place to start when partnering with your local city officials. It even has a featured role for collaboratives like Healthy and Active Before 5.

“Learn whether there is a collaborative (like HAB45) already working on the issue.
If so, designate staff to attend their meetings and report back regularly to the council.”

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