Healthy & Active Before 5 (HAB45) is a collaborative initiative in Contra Costa County. Our goal is to prevent early childhood obesity in kids ages 0-5, by building partnerships and environments for healthy eating and active play.

The HAB45 collaborative has developed an Action Plan with 8 principles which emphasize the importance of making changes within our county to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Local Strategies to Prevent Childhood Obesity (ages 0-5)

  1. Support and promote breastfeeding and the use of breastmilk as the normal way to feed infants, for at least the first year of life
  2. Increase the availability, accessibility and demand for affordable, healthy foods in all neighborhoods
  3. Increase the availability and utilization of safe places to play and be physically active for all young children and their families
  4. Improve the food and physical activity environment in preschool and childcare settings by offering high quality nutritious foods and opportunities for physical activity and play
  5. Support the elimination of and reduce the exposure to marketing of foods of low nutritional value to children
  6. Encourage the reduction of TV and other screen time for children 0-5
  7. Assure that families and young children receive quality preventive care through pregnancy and early childhood
  8. Ensure that key community sectors provide parents and other care providers with the information and support they need to make healthy eating and activity choices for their children

You can download a copy of our Action Plan…

Healthy and Active Before 5 works to implement its Action Plan in many ways. This year our member-organizations have moved from concern to commitment. Using technical assistance, networking and information sharing we work with each of our Leadership Council agencies to inspire new projects and collaborations.


More than 23 of our community partners commit time, staff and project resources to goals outlined in our Healthy and Active Before 5 Action Plan. Successful progress has been reported, so far, by at least fourteen members of our Leadership Council.